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Where the name came from:
Hops is the name our daughter gave her beloved bunnies. Her obsession with Hops, along with a dear friends love for heirloom dolls, were my muse.
I've always adored Alice in Wonderland. From reading the book in my closet as a child (pretending it was the rabbit hole), to playing the Queen of Hearts my junior year of high school. I even made my daughter's 1st birthday theme, "Onederland". To top it all off, my very first custom order was an Alice inspired doll! A dream come true for me. The Alice Project taught me so much that it only felt right to make her a part of the team. I see the name Alice as more of a placeholder for the child who plays with Hops.
I hope you enjoy my products as much as I enjoy making them. They truly are a labor of love.